Author: Deepak Ramanathan

Deepak Ramanathan

Deepak is the chief technology officer at analytics and data management software firm SAS. In his 13th year at SAS, Deepak works with customers across industries in identifying business issues which could benefit from an analytical outlook and helps these organisations in rolling out these analytical solutions. Deepak also serves as an analytical evangelist, familiarising customers with analytical life cycles, support structures for deploying, maintaining these initiatives and developing an ecosystem which would sustain the analytics framework. His current area of focus is around high-performance analytics and big data analytics, working with clients to build use cases and deploying it within the organization. He has been working with customers in financial services, manufacturing, retail and loyalty optimisation and communications industries to identify and build the appropriate business cases. Deepak is based in Singapore and has been working with customers across the Asia Pacific region for the last 8 years in what has been a thoroughly enjoyable and learning experience.

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