The Global Treasurer Live Discussions

The Global Treasurer Live Discussions are complimentary one-hour webinars where two leading treasury experts tackle the latest challenges senior executives are facing during these challenging times.

This month’s theme is: Treasury Automation: An opportunity for real-time insights, liquidity, working capital

Often treasury resources end up being deployed in low value-add, repetitive activities and treasurers are stuck doing basic tasks, and the true value add activities are not able to be prioritised. Along with tackling these challenges automation can bring an opportunity to provide real-time insights.

Discussion will include:
• Creating a single source of truth for data management
• Utilising APIs to enable precise and real-time data management
• Enhancing the management of liquidity to improve credit management and potential investment
• Removing the non-value-add work which is labour-intensive and often repetitive in nature

• Rob MacNeil, Global Treasury Risk Manager, Cooke Inc
• Michael McCaw, Editor, The Global Treasuer