Corporate TreasuryM&ABELLIN Expands in South Africa

BELLIN Expands in South Africa

Treasury solutions by BELLIN are now represented in South Africa by the joint venture SALE in Johannesburg. The
two financial market, derivative and hedging specialists Annette Smyth and Françoise de Laroche offer treasury
consulting, training and solutions for corporates and banks. As a financial market specialist team whose joint focus
is on foreign exchange, they are true experts in the field of treasury.

“SALE’s objective is to promote and endorse BELLIN’s software tm5 on the African continent and in the Southern
African Development Community (SADC). With our value-based approach, SALE will focus on producing lasting
treasury solutions thus creating a fruitful relationship through education and service support”, says Françoise de

SALE will introduce themselves personally at BELLIN’s 1TC, short for 1st TREASURY CONVENTION, in November
2013. There, they will ceremoniously sign and present the new cooperation agreement.

“With this cooperation, we can offer current and future BELLIN customers solutions and support locally, in
combination with strong expertise in treasury and in the African market”, explains Stefan Obenauer, BELLIN
Partner Management.

About SALE
SALE is an acronym for Sithi Aba Corporate Advisors Pty Ltd and Lucrative Exchange Pty Ltd. In their individual capacity, the entrepreneurs
have licensed themselves in several South African Financial Services categories (with the South African Services Board) over and above the
norm of their South African competitors, placing them at a competitive advantage. Their combined client base is successfully entrenched in
the South African local and global market which has led to identify the need for an all-encompassing treasury management system.
BELLIN’s tm5 is destined to be the solution for the African business market to enhance the speed and efficiency in which the African
treasurer operates. SALE together with BELLIN’s tm5 positions itself proudly as pioneering African treasury solutions!

Founded in 1998 in Ettenheim, Germany, BELLIN today is a global leader in consulting, software and services for corporate treasury
management. The BELLIN group and partner companies serve close to 300 customers comprising more than 5,000 companies and 15,000
users. BELLIN products are hosted on a secure, private network distributed across five data centers in three countries. BELLIN’s flagship
product tm5 is the web-based all-in-one solution for managing all aspects of a corporate treasury. BELLIN BACKSTAGE is an online platform
which enables our users to exchange product, company and industry information within the BELLIN Community. Moreover, BELLIN has
created a professional training program, the BELLIN ACADEMY, for all members of the treasury.

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