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Simplifying payment technology: Reconciling payments

In their fifth module the experts at ONPEX explain how companies can establish a holistic payments overview and management system in a globalised world.

Simplified systems avoid payment confusions

The complex contract structures of a modern, global business are always reflected in its cash flow. Customers can have many accounts with several banks all over the world. Together with the use of a broad range of payment methods in various countries, this results in complicated fund transmission patterns.

Clients and partners have to be paid and invoiced according to various commission agreements, payment models and cycles. Companies also work with highly complex tiered pricing models and none can afford making mistakes in paying commission or settlements. To keep track of all these processes is a demanding task that can bind a large part of a company’s resources.

Lisa’s international merchant accounts

Lisa is head of accounting at an Australian acquiring bank and supervises international merchant accounts. The bank not only accepts credit cards but also cooperates with several alternative payment methods. As each payment scheme has different fees and cut-off times, the matching of transactions becomes even more complex. On top of that, Lisa has to consider exchange rates when cross-border payments are processed. This complex network of factors becomes more complicated with every additional payment method the bank accepts and it gets increasingly difficult for Lisa to keep the overview.

Centralised systems simplify cash management

The best way to make life easier for Lisa and all other businesses dealing with such matters, is to bring all parts of this system together and to manage them centrally.

In order to establish a holistic overview and management system, it has to be connected to all bank accounts and technical payment solutions that a company uses. It also needs to enable businesses to manage, automate and track all processes that influence their invoicing and payments. Pre-setting all of the contractual factors and applying them automatically to any transaction saves a lot of time.

Such a solution would streamline and automate billing processes. It would enable businesses to reconcile and simplify diverse payments models and automate all invoicing processes. It is also the only technical prerequisite for building solutions for payments, stored value, eWallets, cash-management, escrow networks, money remittance services, lending, card issuing and forex, amongst others.

Reconciliation ensures the overview

The Payment and Billing Applications of ONPEX’ modular payment solutions bring together all information about technical transactions, customers, contracts and funds allocation, as seen in article 2 and article 4 of this series.

The Payment Application enables users to manage stored value and technical payment transactions in synchronous, reconciled view. On top of that, it combines all the data with the real funds flow and cash management. With all vital information in one place, it makes the management of virtual bank accounts possible.

The Billing Application allows to administrate billing models, calculate rates, fees and commissions. It can also invoice according to previously defined contract details in multi-level client tree structures. This enables building any kind of use case in a modern, digital banking and payment environment. The application also includes billing services and interchange billing tables of the card schemes.

Edgars Valmers, Deputy Head of E-commerce at Latvijas Pasta Banka, said: “We have global ambitions and, to achieve these, want to work with partners who have a global scope. ONPEX were able to seamlessly integrate our acquiring into its white-label payment platform. Now, as part of the ONPEX acquiring network, they provide the merchant applications to attract more clients to Latvijas Pasta Banka. Together, we can demonstrate the possibilities of an innovative bank working with an innovative payment platform.


About ONPEX’ Payment Technology

ONPEX wants to make all payments truly accessible globally. To achieve this, the company will bring together all technical steps of payment processing, banking and regulatory requirements. The technological foundation of ONPEX’ solution is a cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) that combines local and cross-border card processing, as well as international alternative payment methods, on one omni-channel platform.

The software consists of independent micro-services. With just the click of a mouse these can become modular-scaled to provide higher performance levels. In turn, the modules and functions can be combined to new solutions to meet any requirement in the payments industry.



ONPEX is an award-winning, global, white-label cloud payment solution combining local and cross-border card processing and international alternative payment methods on one omni-channel Platform as a Service (PaaS). ONPEX’ solutions accelerate international expansion and the development of banks, PSPs, ISOs and developers. They offer the flexibility all of them need to grow globally in the payment business. ONPEX has connectivity to hundreds of acquirers, alternative payment methods and payment related solutions internationally and operates entities in Europe, North America and Asia. For more information about ONPEX, please visit

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