Two White House contenders assessed

Ahead of today’s US election, personal finance website WalletHub has prepared reports on life for businesses and consumers under president Hillary Clinton and president Donald Trump.

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November 08, 2016 Categories

As US voters head to the polling stations and what WalletHub calls “this crazy election” finally comes to a close, the Washington, DC-based personal website has assessed the potential impact on president Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on business and consumer wallets.

WalletHub has prepared two reports examining the potential outcomes: What If Trump Wins? and What If Hillary Wins?. In each case it has crunched the numbers on what’s likely to be in store for everything from gross domestic product (GDP) growth and the S&P 500 to tax rates and Social Security.

Latest opinion polls suggest that Clinton is ahead, if not decisively. The New York Times gives her 46% against 42% for Trump, while the BBC suggests that she leads 48% versus 44%.

Stock markets rallied on Monday, following news that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had not altered its original view that Clinton should not face criminal charges over her email server in mishandling classified information. However, they show little direction today over concerns that the outcome indicated by the polls could still prove misleading.

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