Transaction Banking Survey 2020

The Global Treasurer’s Transaction Banking Survey, sponsored by CGI, aims to again delve into corporate and bank relationships

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March 13, 2020 Categories

For the eighth consecutive year, The Global Treasurer is asking readers to share their thoughts on the corporates’ relationships with banks.

By answering our quick ten-minute Transaction Banking Survey, sponsored by CGI, you will help us build a detailed and accurate picture of the relationship between corporate entities and banks. Once the results are in, we will analyse them and report our insight to you.

Last year, the data highlighted several key areas in which corporates and banks have phenomenally different expectations of one another – and showed that client satisfaction amongst corporate treasurers had sunk to an all-time low.

Corporate’s satisfaction with their main banks drop below 50 percent, which likely resulted in a sharp increase in the number of corporates reviewing their bank relationships.

Last year’s report also showed that banks were grappling with the increasing market presence of non-bank providers offering corporates key competitor services, with a large proportion of corporate treasurers telling us they would consider outsourcing functions like supply chain finance and payments to non-banking fintechs.

In addition, it found:

To take part in this year’s survey, click here.

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