EventswebinarSecurity and business intelligence in corporate payments: Bridging the knowledge gap

Security and business intelligence in corporate payments: Bridging the knowledge gap

Wednesday 21 November 2017 – 15:00 BST [London] / 10:00 EDT [New York]


How can you as a Treasurer or Cash Manager gain a clear and central overview of your bank relationships, arrange your cash positions and liquidity in a transparent way, and standardize your electronic signatory authorizations? By deploying the right tools and processes within the company – such as a payment transaction platform that delivers visibility across all payments. The result? You and your CFO, CIO and other financial decision makers can proactively minimize the existing risks in advance.

Automation and standardization of processes are the keys to success for companies aiming to protect themselves against manipulation and fraud, and ultimately, against losing money. The accompanying centralization of all payments and the integration of enterprise applications both serve the same goal – they reduce IT project complexity and provide audit security. Bank account management as well as the security and transparency of processes are critical to risk-related payment transactions – you can only manage what you can see.

Business Intelligence

Think of the following scenario: It’s Monday morning of Q4. Your CEO suddenly wants to know the cash flow comparison between two subsidiaries within your company – asap. How quickly can you get down to the facts? Do you feel safe in the numbers you receive?

Stop worrying, start delivering. Real-time data and analytics have become indispensable for finance departments. Transparency and real-time reporting across company-wide cashflow and liquidity levels, bank, customer and supplier relations and working capital are essential for strategic decisions.

Key objectives of our webinar:

  • Learn how to identify security gaps and how to optimize security for your company’s payments
  • How can a company get started to protect their payments through prebuilt bank connectors and formats
  • We all hear about Business Intelligence when it comes to reporting, but how can BI be applied to payments?

Presented by TIS and hosted by GTNews