Cash & Liquidity ManagementCash ManagementGresham rolls out real-time bank integration platform

Gresham rolls out real-time bank integration platform

Gresham's new Clareti Multi-Bank platform is designed to increase speed-to-market for corporate treasurers seeking more efficient cash management solutions.

Following its acquisition of cash management and payments specialists B2 Group in July, software company Gresham Technologies has launched its new Clareti Multi-Bank platform.
Clareti Multi-Bank is designed to enable corporate clients to integrate their payment and statements systems automatically with their banks, giving them a single point of access and cash management platform.

The Clareti Adapter tools offered by the new service provide ‘out-of-the-box’ integration to almost any payment message format or in-country clearing system. This makes integration of real-time customer data much faster than was previously possible.

Ken Lillie of Lillie Associated Treasury Consulting commented: “I have followed the evolution of the Multi-Bank platform from its initial launch in 2016 by the B2 Group to a small community of banks and corporates a few years ago, to the comprehensive cash management and banking integration service that we see today.

“Faster time-to-market through the inclusion of additional Gresham software, such as Clareti Adapters, undoubtedly adds significant value to corporate treasuries wishing to automate their cash management functions, especially in the case of a multi-national multi-banked company.”

According to Phil Boland, managing director Gresham Cash Management Solutions, “The complexities of banking integration, for automated file-based channel banking, often made really quick delivery a challenge for us in the past.

“The recent inclusion of Clareti’s messaging adapters into Clareti Multi-Bank, which I am delighted to say happened smoothly and like clockwork, helps us overcome that challenge to offer our customers a faster more-cost effective service. ”

Gresham is adding extra functionality to the platform, such as automated reconciliation of accounts receivables, while the implementation of Clareti Multi-Bank extends the company’s geographical reach to clients in North America and Asia Pacific.

Gresham CEO Ian Manocha commented: ” Our recent acquisition of the B2 Group enables us to add powerful cash management and bank connectivity capabilities to our core financial messaging, reconciliation and transaction control offerings.”

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